There’s no denying that women have shouldered much of the burden of this pandemic. While of course individual households vary, the overwhelming majority of mothers have felt that they were responsible for homeschooling. This was whilst also keeping up with household tasks, and simultaneously hold down a full-time job.

Research has shown alcohol use among women has risen disproportionately over the course of the past year, as compared to men. The best way to reduce your stress levels and feel more relaxed is to reduce your alcohol consumption.

Alcohol can also affect ovulation, which can make it difficult to conceive, but it is also linked to fertility problems in men too. 

More reasons to drink less

Limiting your alcohol intake will undoubtedly improve your general health. It’s also a great way to consume fewer calories without curbing what you eat.

But if the idea of feeling a bit brighter on a daily basis isn’t enough to tip the balance for you, consider these points:

  • Women metabolise alcohol differently from men, putting them at greater risk from alcohol-related diseases
  • Around one third of breast cancer cases could be prevented by women giving up alcohol and living a healthier lifestyle
  • Alcohol also has a negative impact on mental health. Women are already significantly more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than men.

Make your partner cut back too

Maybe the prospect of sitting on the sofa nursing a herbal tea while your other half tucks into the wine is less than appealing. But perhaps you might want to alert his attention to a recent study which was published in JAMA Pediatrics.

The observational study involved 50,000 couples. It found evidence that links how much a man drinks prior to conception and the risk of foetal abnormalities.

There was a 35 per cent increased risk of foetal abnormalities in couples where the father drank alcohol regularly. This was in the six months prior to conception.

It is not known exactly how paternal alcohol consumption affects the foetus. However, it is thought that alcohol may affect the shape, size and motility of the sperm.

So if you’re hoping to conceive in the near future, it might be a good idea for both of you to change your drinking habits.

Consider a Fertility Health Check

Of course, it may not be alcohol that is at the root of your conception difficulties. If you have been trying for over a period of a year, then consider having a fertility check to help you to overcome your difficulties.

At SureScan Women’s Health Clinic we can carry out a Fertility Health Check for any woman or couple wanting to start a family. A consultation with one of our consultant gynaecologists will give you a chance to ask questions. They will help you to overcome difficulties with conception and get the best possible results.

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