vaccines during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exciting journey, but it can also be daunting. You need to keep both you and your baby safe, which includes preventing viruses. But, how safe is it to have vaccines during pregnancy?

With winter on the way, it’s important to think about how you can avoid illnesses like the flu and coronavirus. Read on to find everything you need to know.

Can you have vaccines during pregnancy?

A common question many expectant mothers have is whether it’s safe to receive flu and COVID vaccines during pregnancy. The short answer is yes!

Health experts, including the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recommend these vaccines as a safe and effective way to protect both the mother and the baby from severe illnesses. These vaccines have undergone rigorous testing and have been administered to countless pregnant women, with reassuring safety records.

Receiving vaccinations can help ensure a smoother pregnancy by reducing the risk of complications related to flu and coronavirus.

Weighing up the risks

To decide whether to get vaccinated, it’s helpful to weigh the risks of contracting coronavirus against the risks of the vaccine itself.

Coronavirus, and its many variants, poses a significant threat to our health. For pregnant women, the risk of severe illness and complications is even higher. On the other hand, the COVID vaccine has been thoroughly studied, showing minimal risks, and proving to be effective in preventing severe illness.

When you’re expecting, your body is working extra hard to create a nurturing environment for your growing baby. This can make you more vulnerable to infections as your immune system is typically weaker throughout the pregnancy.

Sadly, despite the outweighed benefits of having vaccines during pregnancy, fewer pregnant women are getting these vaccines than experts would hope. To illustrate, last year only 35% of pregnant women received the flu vaccine, a slight drop compared to 37.9% in 2021.

When should you get vaccinated?

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to vaccines during pregnancy. For the flu vaccine, it’s generally advised to get vaccinated before flu season is in full swing. This helps ensure optimal protection against the virus throughout the season.

When it comes to the COVID vaccine, health guidelines suggest that it can be administered at any stage of pregnancy. However, consulting with your healthcare provider is crucial to determine the best timing based on your individual needs.

Getting vaccinated at the right time can help you have a worry-free pregnancy while keeping you and your little one protected.

If you are concerned about the risks involved, you can undergo routine tests to ensure the pregnancy is progressing as it should. Our highly experienced consultant gynaecologists at SureScan can offer a range of pregnancy health services and scans to help give you peace of mind, care and support when you need it the most.