More Pregnancy scans

On the NHS, pregnant women receive two pregnancy scans – one at around 12 weeks and the other after 20 weeks. However, experts are now claiming women should receive additional pregnancy scans to help avoid emergency C-sections and trauma.

While some midwives argue that additional scans simply cause unnecessary stress, most experts agree that they can be crucial in helping to detect complications and birth defects early.

What are the benefits of undergoing additional pregnancy scans?

Having more than two pregnancy scans can offer several benefits. They give you the opportunity to check that the foetus is growing as it should, and that there are no potential issues that need to be addressed. This doesn’t just give you reassurance, it also helps to treat or prepare for any problems early.

Additional scans can check for abnormalities such as congenital heart disease, or neural tube defects. They can also pick up conditions such as Down’s syndrome.

Early scans can also help to detect multiple pregnancies such as twins or triplets and give you a better idea of your due date.

Can I get another pregnancy scan?

Right now, pregnant women are only given extra scans on the NHS if they are deemed a high-risk. This includes those who have high blood pressure, or diabetes. So, does that mean you can’t get additional scans?

The good news is you can undergo additional scans through a private clinic. Here at SureScan, we provide several additional scans including reassurance and presentation scans.

Reassurance scans

Reassurance scans can be carried out any time after the six week mark. As the name suggests, they are designed to give you reassurance that the pregnancy is progressing as it should. They can be especially helpful for women who have suffered previous miscarriages or fertility issues.

A reassurance scan can be carried out through the abdomen, or as a trans-vaginal ultrasound depending upon how far along you are in the pregnancy. You will get to see your baby, as well as receive a diagnostic report including foetal measurements.

Presentation scans

Presentation scans are carried out later in the pregnancy, typically after the 36-week mark. They aim to show the position of the baby, as well as how much amniotic fluid is present, and the position of the placenta.

This type of scan isn’t usually carried out unless it is recommended by a midwife. It is mostly for women who are at a high risk of a breech birth. The scan is presented in 4D, and you can request to have the baby’s measurements provided in a report.

Undergoing additional scans can give you peace of mind, as well as detect and prevent serious complications. To book one of our thorough pregnancy scans, get in touch with our friendly team today by calling 0121 308 7774.