endometriosis and fertility

Singer Halsey has recently opened up about her struggle with Endometriosis and her decision to freeze her eggs. The 23-year-old claims she is often asked why she plans to freeze her eggs at such a young age, as many people are unaware of the conditions impact on fertility.

While Endometriosis does not necessarily prevent natural conception, it is known to cause several fertility issues. Here, we’ll look at how the condition can impact fertility and the options open to those who are concerned.

How can Endometriosis affect fertility?

Although there has been a link identified between endometriosis and infertility, the exact cause remains unknown. Those with a milder form of the condition are known to have practically the same chance of conceiving naturally. However, some do still experience infertility and experts currently have no idea why. Those suffering from moderate or severe Endometriosis have a reduced chance of conception, though it is still possible.

The reason more severe forms of the condition can lead to fertility issues is because it can lead to an increase in adhesions. These trap the eggs, preventing them from travelling down the fallopian tubes.

Is freezing your eggs a good option?

So, suffering from Endometriosis may not prevent you from experiencing natural conception, but it can reduce your chances. The longer it goes on, the more likely it is to affect the eggs. Therefore, freezing the eggs can be a fantastic way to preserve fertility.

The eggs are collected, frozen and then thawed and inserted back into the ovaries whenever the woman decides they’re ready to start a family. They are collected under sedation or general anaesthetic, before a cryoprotectant is added to protect the eggs while they’re frozen. They will be stored within tanks containing liquid nitrogen until you’re ready to start a family.

The only issue is the cost. While singer Halsey may be able to afford to pay for the treatment, most women may need to save up for the procedure. Those who do have the funds are recommended to seek this form of treatment.

What other options are available?

If the cost of freezing your eggs is a little too expensive, there are other options available. Drug treatments have found to be effective in mild forms of the condition, while surgical treatment has proven to be effective at treating more severe Endometriosis. It involves removing adhesions, cysts and nodules. However, it is worth noting that even after surgery, the condition may come back, and the development of further adhesions is possible.

The treatment recommended will depend upon the severity of the condition, how long the woman has been trying to conceive and various other fertility factors. For this reason, it’s crucial patients seek a thorough consultation prior to seeking treatment.

Overall, Endometriosis can have an impact on fertility and egg freezing is an ideal solution for those who can afford it. However, there may be other treatment options available. Book a consultation today to discover which form of treatment would best suit you.