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When preparing your body for the hot summer weather, you’ll likely be focused on losing weight or toning up. However, did you know the summer heat can also wreak havoc on your gynaecological health?

Heat, humidity, and wet bathing suits can increase the risk of UTIs and infections. So, how can you protect your vagina from these increased risks as summer temperatures soar?

Here, you’ll discover some top tips on looking after your gynaecological health this summer, and why it matters.

How summer impacts vaginal health

Issues with vaginal health over the summer mostly occur due to the added heat and humidity. As the body heats up, those naturally warm areas such as the vagina, get even hotter. In turn, this increases the moisture in the area, contributing to a build-up of yeast and bacteria.

The clothing you wear can also play a role in your vaginal health. If you wear tight, wet bathing suits for long periods of time, it can cause friction in the area. The wetness will also increase bacteria growth, potentially leading to an infection.

Chlorine found in pools can upset the PH balance of the vagina. If you’re planning on keeping cool in the pool, this is definitely something to be aware of.
So how can you look after your vaginal health this summer?

Protect your gynaecological health this summer

If you want to protect your gynaecological health this summer, there are things you can do. Let’s explore some of the most effective tips you can follow…

Control those moisture levels

Make sure you gently dry your genital area with wipes or a towel. Remember not to rub the area as this will cause irritation. You can also keep moisture levels down by changing out of wet bathing suits quickly and drying the area before putting on something new.

Avoid wearing tight clothes

Tight or synthetic clothing can irritate the skin around your vagina. If you are planning on spending a day at the pool, make sure your bathing suit fits comfortably, and doesn’t dig into the area. If you have been in the water, take a shower when you are done and clean the vagina with a PH balanced wash.

Avoid scented soaps, sprays, and powders

If you are using vaginal soaps, sprays, or powders, make sure they are not scented. This will irritate the genitals, leading to potential problems such as itching and soreness. All vaginal products you use should be PH balanced and unscented.

Book a gynaecological check-up

Attending a gynaecological check-up during summer is a great way to keep tabs on your vaginal health. Any signs of an infection will be picked up on quickly, ensuring you get the treatment needed to help you enjoy the summer months.

To book a gynaecological check-up, get in touch with our friendly professional team today.