4d pregnancy scans

Expectant parents have always been excited to show off their pregnancy scans. However, it seems handing friends and family a copy of the scan and pinning it on the fridge are no longer enough. Now, you need to get creative if you want to stay on-trend!

Pregnancy scans are becoming a work of art in a new bizarre, yet beautiful trend. A salon in Stockton-On-Tees has recently hit the headlines after painting an ultrasound scan onto her pregnant customer’s nails. Since the story went global, ultrasound nail art has now become very much a thing, with other pregnant women looking to get in on this exciting new trend.

So, what exactly is ultrasound nail art and what other unique ways are expectant parents choosing to announce their big news?

Ultrasound nail art

Ultrasound nail art is the newest baby reveal trend taking the world by storm. It involves painting one, or all of the nails, with the image of their ultrasound. As you can imagine, this takes quite a lot of skill! However, as salon owner Sarah Clarke proved, it’s certainly possible!

Now other salons and stylists are getting in on the trend, offering this unique service to pregnant women. The results are beautiful, though it’s obviously not as long-lasting as the ultrasound scan itself. This isn’t the only creative trend pregnant women are enjoying in 2018. Painted baby bumps are also a thing now.

What are painted baby bumps?

Painted baby bumps are a slightly more bizarre trend sweeping through the UK right now. Pregnant women commission a local artist to paint their bump, creating a little work of art.

While some are following the nail art trend and having their ultrasound scan painted onto their bump, others are opting for more unusual designs such as animals, murals and popular cartoon characters. It all started with celebrities painting their bumps, but now women across the country are following suit.

Interestingly, these baby bump art sessions are being used as a gift. While the designs do wash off, you can always take a photo of the bump, so it can be treasured forever.

3D and 4D pregnancy scans can offer great body art alternative

While ultrasound nail art and painted baby bumps are adorable and fun to create, they are only temporary. They’re also not for everyone, so what options do you have if you want a unique memory of your unborn baby without following these bizarre trends?

3D and 4D pregnancy scans can prove to be an excellent alternative. They reveal details standard scans cannot pick up. 4D scans are especially worth investing in as they also give you a copy of the scan video which you can treasure forever. Unlike 2D scans, these 4D videos reveal surprising details such as baby’s chubby cheeks and features.

Overall, pregnancy scans may be becoming art, but they still can’t beat the actual scans themselves. If you’re looking for a unique way to reveal your baby to the world, 3D or 4D scans are highly recommended.