At SureScan we know that anxiety during pregnancy can be very common, particularly if you’ve suffered from fertility issues or miscarriages prior to conceiving. Often this anxiety can make it difficult to feel completely at peace or bond with your baby, which is why we offer Reassurance Scans.

These Reassurance Scans will assess fetal health and can be performed at any point from six weeks. Studies have shown that anxiety about your baby’s wellbeing is relieved by ultrasound, which is reinforced when women are able to see images of their baby and gain encouraging feedback from the person performing the scan. At SureScan, our consultants are experts in their field and offer a breadth of experience in different areas of Gynaecology and Scanning.

Depending on the timing of the Reassurance Scan or if the womb is tilted back, it will either be performed as a trans-vaginal ultrasound scan or through the abdomen. A trans-vaginal scan will not harm the baby, but we will discuss this in full with you beforehand.

After your 12 week NHS scan, we find many expectant mothers would like the confidence that comes with a further scan and our Reassurance Scans allow you to see your baby again in a private clinic environment. Our consultants can offer valuable information about how your pregnancy is progressing, provide peace of mind and also give clearer guidance on your pregnancy dates.

What our Reassurance Scan offers:

  • You will be able to view your baby
  • We will confirm the viability of your pregnancy
  • We will confirm the baby’s heartbeat
  • Fetal measurements are taken that are used for dating
  • Diagnostic report

SureScan is a private scanning clinic so you can make your appointment at your convenience.