menstrual cycle education

A new UK-wide study has revealed that education in schools about the menstrual cycle still needs improvement. Teachers lack the time, education, and confidence in the subject. Consequently, students are provided with very limited information.

Many girls can find the information they need through social media and other online sites. However, not all information found online is fully accurate. Here, we will look at what the study found, and why menstrual cycle education is so important in schools.

What did the study find?

The study, carried out by multiple universities across the UK, was published in the Frontiers in Global Women’s Health. Researchers from the Swansea university, Nottingham Trent university, University College of London, and University of the West of Scotland, discovered that menstrual cycle education can be, and needs to be, improved.

A total of 789 primary school teachers across the UK were surveyed online. Approximately 91% of them were female. Their study revealed that around 63% of teachers say menstrual cycle lessons are provided. In terms of what education is being offered, 56% of lessons focused on biology, while 40% focused on providing menstrual products. But there is currently a scientific focus, and a gap in providing living experiences.

Despite the lack of information provided, teachers believed the menstrual cycle affects aspects of personal performance and attendance in school. In particular, it is known to affect attendance in PE lessons, pupil confidence, and even overall attitude and behaviour.

Interestingly, 1 in 4 teachers who responded to the survey, revealed they felt uncomfortable teaching students about the menstrual cycle. A staggering 80% of teachers also felt being provided with training would improve their knowledge of the menstrual cycle.

Why is menstrual cycle education important?

The latest study shows there are current failings in menstrual cycle education. So, why does this matter?

Providing menstrual cycle education helps pupils to understand the changes happening in their body. By understanding what is to come, young girls will be more adequately prepared, and more confident when they experience their first period.

Menstrual cycle issues can greatly impact attendance, potentially damaging a student’s education. By providing menstrual products, and educating girls about the symptoms as well as the help available, it can really help to reduce absences.

The right education can empower girls to better manage their symptoms during their menstrual cycle.

Seeking advice from the experts

The latest study shows how current education is lacking for young girls when it comes to their menstrual cycle. If your school doesn’t provide adequate lessons and advice, help is available from gynaecologists and women’s health specialists.

Here at SureScan, we offer a friendly, expert well woman clinic. Adolescents can undergo a simple check up to ensure everything is working as it should. We also provide advice and answer questions to help improve confidence, and offer reassurance for young women about the changes that are occurring.