Menopause Health

A recent study found that women experiencing symptoms of menopause feel that there are minimal or non-existent support structures put in place by their employer, to help them cope.

More than 1 million women in the UK are considering quitting their jobs due to a lack of support in the workplace. Furthermore, women have been left feeling deeply unhappy in their jobs due to a lack of menopause health support.

Employers Responsibility

Nearly three-quarters of women who took part in the research that involved 2,000 women, said their workplace did not have a space where they could talk openly about the menopause with their colleagues or employers. This lack of support even exacerbated their feelings of isolation and distress.

In order for employees to feel heard and valued, it is essential that support is offered through every stage of menopause. For example, considering how the person’s job role and responsibilities could make their menopause symptoms harder to cope with.

It is also important for companies to ensure that those in managerial roles have the confidence and skills to support their team. That includes an awareness of what the organisation can offer, whilst also having sensitive communication skills to listen to and acknowledge their employees’ concerns.

Menopause Health Legislation

By law, employers are responsible for the health and safety of their staff through the use of risk assessments. In relation to menopause, this can include a number of considerations. For example, by addressing conditions such as the temperature of the workplace, employee uniforms and the availability of drinking water. This would help to accommodate for hot flushes – a common symptom of menopause. Additionally, by providing training to managers so that they feel confident in how to support staff with their menopause health.

There are currently ongoing discussions within the House of Commons on the laws that protect women in the workplace who are experiencing menopause symptoms.

Menopause Health Check

Here at SureScan, we want women to feel supported through menopause which is why we offer a comprehensive menopause health check. We recommend that women attend these checks at least once a year.

Our menopause health check involves a consultation with one of our Consultant Gynaecologists. They can perform a wide range of health checks including blood pressure, abdominal and pelvic examination, advice on hormone replacement therapy (HRT), blood tests, ovarian and cervical screening plus lots more. Get in touch today to find out more and book an appointment.