Post-Menopausal Diet

The menopause may be a natural part of a woman’s lifecycle, but that doesn’t make its symptoms and side effects any easier to deal with. According to research, a staggering 85% of postmenopausal women experience one or more unpleasant menopause-related symptoms.

While there are excellent medications and treatments available to manage the myriad of symptoms, they too can lead to some nasty side effects. The good news is there are more natural ways to control the symptoms, such as making changes to your diet.

Here, you’ll discover the best post-menopausal diet you can follow, and what to do if you are suffering with the symptoms.

Research shows vegan soy-heavy diet can help to reduce hot flushes

Research carried out by the North American Menopause Society, has revealed that a plant-based, soy-heavy diet can help to reduce hot flushes. In a 12-week study, almost 60% of the women participating saw their hot flushes disappear completely. No additional medications were used, just half a cup of soybeans were added to soups or salads each day.

The fact that most women saw their hot flushes disappear is significant. Approximately 80% of post-menopausal women experience hot flushes and they can be one of the worst symptoms to deal with.

How your diet can help with post-menopausal symptoms

Hot flushes aren’t the only thing the right foods can eliminate. While a plant-based diet may be great at treating this common symptom, you might not want to give up animal products entirely.

When you go through the menopause, your estrogen levels drop. This in turn can cause the bones to become weaker over time, increasing your risk of Osteoporosis. Consuming dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yoghurt, can help to strengthen the bones naturally.

Healthy fats are also known to control hot flushes and night sweats. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish such as salmon and mackerel, have shown to manage symptoms effectively.

Avoiding fatty and processed foods is also a good idea. These can make hot flushes, alongside other symptoms, worse.

Undergo a menopausal health check

While you may be able to control your post-menopausal symptoms with the right diet, there is help available if you are struggling. Diet alone isn’t always enough to reduce unpleasant symptoms, so a full health check may be required.

At SureScan, we provide a thorough menopause health check that can help to identify the best treatment to manage your symptoms. This includes a blood pressure check, an HRT consultation, blood tests, thyroid function tests, and advice on lifestyle changes you could make.

You don’t need to suffer in silence. There are many different treatments available that can help to eliminate post-menopausal symptoms. Get in touch to make an appointment by calling our friendly reception team on 0121 308 7774.