timeline for pregnancy scans

It’s perfectly normal to be wary of undergoing pregnancy scans and tests. However, most of them are simply carried out to confirm that baby is developing normally, and everything is ok. You also have the opportunity to see your baby, enhancing the bond you feel for your unborn child.

Sometimes, scans may be needed to detect more serious conditions. In any case, it’s good to have a clear idea of how the pregnancy is developing and whether or not there are any issues which may need to be addressed. The question is, how many scans and tests will you need? Here, you’ll discover a brief timeline for pregnancy scans and tests.

Basic pregnancy scans you’ll need

After having a βhCG (urine pregnancy) test to confirm the pregnancy, you’ll typically require two basic scans. The first is carried out at 12 weeks and takes approximately 10 minutes. This is where you’ll find out the due date of your baby, along with how many babies you are expecting, and whether there appears to be any abnormalities. It’s an abdominal scan, so a gel will be placed onto the abdomen before a handheld device is used to scan the area.

You’ll get to see a black and white image of your womb and growing baby, though you may not be able to clearly make them out just yet! This first scan is understandably exciting for expectant parents, particularly if it’s your first baby. After the scan, you’ll be given a copy of the image of your baby to take home.

The second basic scan is carried out at 20 weeks. During this scan you’ll be able to see baby much more clearly and most importantly of all, decide whether you want to know the sex. It usually takes from 15 to 20 minutes, and you do have the option to buy scan pictures to take home with you. The specialist will be able to check that baby is continuing to develop normally and detect any potential problems.

Early pregnancy scans

In some cases, you may need an early pregnancy scan. These take place between 6 to 10 weeks and are usually provided if you’re experiencing bleeding or if you’ve previously experienced a miscarriage.

As baby will be really small, you may need to have a probe inserted into the vagina to get a proper look at what is going on. This type of scan will also show your baby’s age and size, as well as check for a heartbeat.

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