Woman Clinic

This past year has been a strange one when it comes to our health. On the one hand we’ve all gone to great lengths to protect ourselves from Covid, but at the same time we’ve let many other issues slide. This might be because of government restrictions or because we’re frightened to enter a healthcare setting for fear of contracting the virus.

Here at Surescan, we have taken every precaution to ensure that our clinic is as safe as possible, and we believe in the importance of regular check-ups to prevent any unnecessary surprises, which is why we set up our Well Woman Clinic.

Who is Well Woman for?

As the name suggests, Well Woman is for women of all age groups, from adolescence to post-menopause. The idea is to provide a full health check, tailored to your age and lifestyle, so that you can rest easy knowing that everything is in good working order.

Why should I visit Well Woman Clinic?

Well Woman isn’t just for women who have concerns about their health. In fact, the idea is that you go to the Well Woman Clinic regularly, so that we can nip any potential problems in the bud and you needn’t have any health concerns at all.

What happens at the clinic?

Firstly you will have a thorough, 30 minute consultation, to discuss your lifestyle, your general health, your menstrual cycle and any health problems you may be experiencing.

We will check your blood pressure and BMI, and carry out a series of blood tests, to check your vitamin D levels, liver and kidney function, thyroid and haemoglobin.

Finally, we will perform a cervical smear test and swabs for any sexually transmitted infections, as well as providing advice on sexual health and contraception.

For a check-up that is even more thorough, our Well Woman Check Advanced also includes a pelvic ultrasound scan, a Ca125 ovarian screening (for women aged 40 plus) and advice on HRT for menopausal women.

How often should I visit the clinic?

Ideally, you should have a check-up once a year. This allows us to catch any abnormalities early, which usually means they can be treated more easily and don’t go on to present a problem.

If an annual check-up seems a lot, it is worth remembering that it is just half an hour out of your day, to give you peace of mind all year.

Our staff are all experts in women’s health and will do all we can to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible throughout your appointment. If there is anything that needs further attention, we can refer you for specialist treatment.

For further information or to book a Well Woman appointment, please contact us. You can call us to book an appointment on 07835 736627.