The minute you discover you’re pregnant, it’s understandable you’d be excited to find out the sex. Knowing whether you’re expecting a little boy or girl can really help you to not just get better prepared, but to bond with baby too.

The trouble is, if you attempt to find out baby’s gender too early with a private scan, it could prove impossible to tell. Here, you’ll discover when the best time to find out the sex of your baby is and the things to consider before booking a gender reveal scan.How soon can you accurately discover baby’s sex?

On the NHS, gender reveal scans are typically carried out between 18 and 21 weeks. However, private scans are available a little earlier.
The earliest recommended time to find out the sex of your baby is 16 weeks. Any earlier than this and it would not only be very difficult to detect the sex, but it could also harm your baby if you have too many scans early on in the pregnancy.

Is it a good idea to wait a little longer?

Although you can find out baby’s sex in your 16th week of pregnancy, it is advisable you wait a little longer. This is because babies develop at totally different rates to one another. So, you may attend a 16-week scan only to find the sex cannot yet be determined.

If you can, wait until at least 17 weeks and ideally 20 weeks before undergoing a gender reveal scan. That way, you know there’s an excellent chance of finding out the sex and there will be little risk to your baby.

Understanding the blood test reveal option

It is possible to determine baby’s sex via a blood test, rather than scan. However, these tend to only be given to women who have a high-risk pregnancy.

The blood tests are designed to detect potential genetic disorders. Part of the analysis of the blood tests includes looking into your baby’s chromosomes. This means, if a Y chromosome is present, the baby is most likely a boy. If there is no Y chromosome discovered, the baby is usually a girl.

Now, this is a pretty accurate test, but it’s only recommended for those with a high-risk pregnancy. The tests can be carried out at just 10 weeks of age and avoid the risks of a scan. However, if you do qualify for the blood test option, you won’t actually see the baby. So, a scan is generally preferable as you get to not only discover the gender but also see them too.

So, it is possible to discover baby’s sex at 16 weeks into the pregnancy. However, we do recommend waiting until week 17-20 if you want the best chance of discovering whether you’re having a boy or girl. If you choose to have a private scan, we also encourage avoiding the free NHS scan as too much ultrasound exposure can be harmful to the baby.

Clinic Team